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  • Hong Kong MFT (Macau Ferry Terminal) Heliport - A Brief History

    The HKMFT was built in 1986. The roof-top helipad was supported on four hydraulic lifts that lowers the helipad 3.85 metres during typhoons.

    * Helicopter service between Hong Kong and Macau started in 1991 with Bell 222 twin-engine, eight-seat helicopters. A one-way trip took 22 minutes.

    * The fleet was upgraded to the twin-engine, 12-seat Sikorsky S76C+ in 1998 and the helipad was enlarged to accommodate the larger aircraft.

    * 1999 - Proposed HKMFT Heliport Expansion Master Plan

    Phase 1 Inner Pier

    Phase 2 Outer Pier West

    Phase 3 Outer Pier East

    * Hong Kong International Heliport Expansion at Shun Tak Centre (winning bid in government sponsored competition)

  • View from Shun Tak Centre

    View of Taxiway

    Plan of VIP Passenger Lounge

    VIP Passenger Lounge Interior

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  • Macau Maritime Terminal (MMT) Heliport

    The MMT Heliport was built in 1995.

  • * 2001 - the MMT Helipad was upgraded and expanded to accommodate larger and heavier Category IV Helicopters.

    * 2004 - the Passenger Lounge was upgraded.

    Artist's rendering of upgraded VIP Lounge

    Noodle Bar and Gourmet Food Counter in VIP Lounge

    * In 2005, the addition of a Northern Helipad was proposed to accommodate anticipated flight path changes due to new construction along the waterfront.      

    Location of proposed Northern Helipad

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  • West Kowloon Heliport

    In 2003 HeliTours was launched, offering around-the-island helicopter sightseeing tours of Hong Kong. The West Kowloon Heliport was purpose-built on land provided by the government for this new service.

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  • PRD Heliport Feasibility Studies

  • A number of strategic locations around the PRD were evaluated for possible inclusion in a PRD helicopter network.


  • Possible landing sites in downtown Guangzhou

  • Jiangmen Ferry Terminal

  • Jiangmen Ferry Terminal Flight Path Study

    Test Landing at Jiangmen Ferry Terminal

  • Lok Ma Chau Railway Terminal

  • Helipad Study at Lok Ma Chau Railway Terminal

  • Possible landing site at Hung Hom Railway Terminal

  • Heng Qin Border Crossing

  • Test landing at Heng Qin Border Crossing


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